Facebook, Introduces Paid Livestream For Content Creators.

Before the COVID-19 era, most events only did face-to-face gatherings while considering online activities as a free marketing tactic. Now the situation is reversed because of the coronavirus Pandemic and the safety of the screen has become preferable for a lot of people. With physical conferences, lectures, and consultations canceled, many sought refuge on the internet.

Facebook has always been a great platform for a vast variety of people from around the world for this reason Facebook constantly build and release feature that will help facilitate the day-to-day activities and the user experience of her users

Livestreaming has become the new norm amid the COVID-19 global pandemic; As more businesses, content creators, artists, musicians, Broadway casts just to name a few, turn to internet live-streaming tools such as zoom and others during the COVID19 pandemic, added the option for people to charge for access to events with Facebook Live streams

The details of this feature were made known when Facebook brought to light a Zoom like feature, which they called Messenger Rooms in an announcement, the company said;

“To support creators and small businesses, we plan to add the ability for Pages to charge for access to events with Live videos on Facebook – anything from online performances to classes to professional conferences,”

 Facebook is adding the option for event creators to mark their events as “online-only,”, this is due to the measures put in place by governments all around the world to prevent COVID19, these include the ban of public gatherings and social distancing, these bans make it impossible to organize in-person events. While we hope for the end of covid19 Facebook and others like ConnectYu keep building tools to improve the lives of their users.

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