How To Create A Blog Post On ConnectYu.

A blog is your digital portal to share your current passion online. It’s text and multimedia without ink stains or distractions.
One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, while providing relevant and useful content to your target audience is through consistent blogging. For years, marketing experts have emphasized the importance of blogging for digital success. simply having a blog improves your Google ranking. Regular blogging with high-quality content improves your Google ranking even more dramatically.
To create a blog post on ConnectYu follows these procedures:

  • Click on the menu icon on the top-left hand corner of your screen, this will open a dropdown menu with a list of options.
  • From the dropdown menu select my articles option, this will take you to the my-blogs page. There you will see options like my articles, browse articles, and a section immediately below with the option create a new article and create icon in the middle.
  • Once You Click on the create icon you will be taken to the create-blog page.
  • Click on the title area and input the title of your blog post in the title box. The title of your blog post is very important for it is what your readers will first see before they determine whether to continue reading your blog post. This title must be captivating and compelling enough in order to attract readers to your blog post.

  • Click on the description area and fill in the description of your blog post in the description box. This description should carry most of your keywords or phrases which will help search engines to easily index your post on search.
  • Scroll to the body area with the book icon, this will open the text editor with a back button at the top, click on the blank space below and type your article or body. The body of your blog post should not be shallow, rather should contain all the details of your what you are writing about with the appropriate addition of other media content like photos, videos and audios wherever necessary to back your facts. For example; to add a video or audio to any part of your post, click on the add media content button, and on the pop-up window, select embed. Copy the embed code of the video or audio you want to add from eg; youtube, cmtvplus, mardplay, meettunes or any other site and paste it into the embed box of your content. Click ok to complete this process. When you are done, click on the back arrow above to return to the create-blog page where you will see the thumbnail section immediately below.
  • Move to the thumbnail area, you can either choose to browse to upload which will open your files manager from where you can select an image or you can choose to drag and drop the image, upload a photo that best describes your blog post. Note that this photo must be of good quality, and captivating enough to attract readers to your blog post for it is what they will see before deciding whether to continue reading your post or not.
  • Click on the category and from the dropdown menu select the right category that describes your blog post. This will help in the easy search of your blog post.
  • In the tag box section, add all the important tags to your post and separate them by using a comma. Tags are important keywords or phrases that users are commonly searching for which are related to your post. Tags are very important in the indexing of your post in search engines like Google. Relevant tags on your post will help attract more organic traffic to your post hence, generating more views.
  • Click on the publish button to publish your blog post.
  • All blogposts are automatically approved. You must however note that all blog posts are checked and a dedicated team read all blog posts thoroughly once they are published. For your blog post to remain on Connectyu, you must make sure of the following;

a. It must be your original idea and not content you just stripped from other sites for stripping content from other sites to use in your blog post is totally illegal. Google also penalizes such posts by not indexing them in searches leading to little or no views on your blog posts.
b. . Photos you used on your blog post should be license-free or legally obtained from sources.
c. . If it is an informative post, for example, news, it must be very timely.
d. . Your post must not be too shallow; it should contain all the necessary details required.
e. . The post should not be an advertorial, it should be educative, informative, or entertaining. When your blog post is approved on Connectyu, take the time to share and promote your blog post on ConnectYu and on other social media platforms in order to attract more readers. It is needless to create a blog post if people aren’t going to read it plus ConnectYu pays 1000 cowries for any post with 500views. Promoting your blog posts is very important to attract readers.

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