How To Create A Product On ConnectYu Marketplace.

Creating products is the best way to sell on ConnectYu, creating a post for your product is inefficient because ConnectYu posts display in a top-down system; this means recent posts appear at the top and push older posts downs down, this means you have to create multiple posts for your product to stay up-top. Note: not everyone on ConnectYu will be able to see your posts because of their privacy settings but when you create a product it’s automatically available amongst the product in the ConnectYu market and visible to everyone. ConnectYu promotes products on other platforms which is an added advantage.
Follow these steps to create a product on ConnectYu.

 Click the menu icon located at the top left-hand. This will open a dropdown menu with a list of all your menu options.

 From the drop-down menu scroll down and select “my shop”

and this will take you to my-product page where you will see options like My Shop, Explore Market, and the create button below with the list of your products.

 Click on the create button, this action will pop a new page captioned; sell new products, on this page you will see the different slots to fill in the details of your product.

 In the name box fill in the name of your product, the name box is the first option on this page and here you are required to fill in the name of your product for example; table, HP Laptop, TV sets just to name a few.

Fill the price in the price box, note: if you want to process payment using the ConnectYu wallet you are advised to set your prize in US Dollars, to get your prize in Dollars, take the prize of your product and divide by the price of one US Dollar, for example, 15000 XAF divided by 601.36 which is the price of one US Dollar at the time of this video, which equals $24.94, but if you don’t want to accept payment using the ConnectYu wallet you can set the price in your currency.

 Describe your product in the description box, if your price is in US Dollars it’s good to mention the equivalent prize in your local currency and other additional information like the location of your shop or product.

Select your product’s category, from the category drop-down menu choose your product category. It’s important to set your product category because it helps buyers to quickly search for your products.

Click on sub category, from the sub category drop-down menu and choose your product sub category. If your product has more than one category this is where you need a sub category. The goal here is to make your product highly indexed by the search engine.

 In the type drop-down menu select either new or used to describe the state of your product.

Click the location box and fill your location, which could be the name of your city.

In the currency box select your currency from the drop-down, we advise you to choose USD (US Dollars) if you want people to buy with their ConnectYu wallet.

In the Action choose the current action for your product. You may want to rent your product instead, for example, a car, this is where the action option comes handy. Maybe over a period of time you want to want to give a discount for your product, all you need to do is to add or update the current action to your product.

Click on the Action product box to describe the current action on your product, let’s say you want to give a discount over a period of time or for the first ten people to buy your product this is where the action description comes handy.

Click on the box below photos with the picture logo at the center, this will open a popup of your file manager or gallery (this option varies from device to device), locate the image file and click ok or open depending on your device. Note: after you click the ok button the image will appear beside the image button under photos.

Click the Publish button to publish your product to the ConnectYu marketplace.

 when your product is no longer available, it’s important to mark It as a sold product, to do that repeat step 1 and 2 to get to your products page, click on that product, this will take to another page where you will see the details of that product, above the product to the left is a dropdown menu icon, click on it and it will open a dropdown menu with the first option mark product as sold, choose this option, and this product will automatically be removed from your shop and where ever there is a post of this product it will be marked as sold.

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