Softeller, Cameroon’s digital payment platform.

Silicon Mountain is home to many tech startup companies in Cameroon, Strategically located in the mountain area of Cameroon (Mount Fako) with an epicenter in Buea. Her presence has influenced and given birth to many tech companies that make Cameroon proud some of these companies are Chillen Media Tech, Njorku, just to name a few, These  Companies spend money and time building technology that solves societal problems. Now let’s move to the agenda of this article which is all about Softeller.

Softeller is an online secured digital money transfer and airtime top-up platform that permits people living in Cameroon and abroad to send money instantly and directly into Mtn Mobile Money or Orange Money accounts, buy airtime, pay utility bills (ENEO, CAMWATER), TV subscriptions (Canal+), and activate internet bundles (data) for loved ones in Cameroon.

How It Works

Buy Softeller Credit: the platform allows you to buy softeller credit through a credit or debit card, another way is to contact an administrator who can credit the user’s softeller account, softeller credit is the intermediary currency that is used to for example move money from local payment gateways like mobile money to digital payment gateways like PayPal and the rest.

Money Transfer: softeller offer money transfer services that can be used to move money to and fro any country or part of the world, this process is facilitated by available online digital payment gateways.

Credit Transfer: with softeller users can send credit to anybody from any part of the world all you need to do is to specify the amount and the recipient’s number.

Payment of Bills: You can use softeller to pay utility bills such as ENEO, CAMWATER, TV subscriptions like Canal+ just to name a few

Some additional include sending of SMS that enables users to directly send SMS using the softeller platform to any phone number in the world, with other features for crowdfunding and payment of salaries


Softeller is a product of IWOMI Technologies Ltd

PO Box 7218 Bonanjo

Douala, Cameroun

Phone: (+237) 677 859 147

There are other payment gateways like ConnectYu Wallet that are geared toward solving the payment problem in Cameroon and other parts of the world.

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