Unique Tech Companies In Cameroon From And Around The ,Silicon Mountain.

Countries like Cameroon and others around Africa are gradually blown away with the wind of technological innovations, technology is speedily changing the way people carry out their day-to-day activities around Africa, just like Silicon Valley in the US countries around Africa each have cities that are home to various tech start-up companies, some companies have abandoned their original purpose to peruse technology before we dive into understanding this company and what the problems they are solving around Cameroon let’s, first of all, understand what silicon mountain is;
Silicon Mountain is a nickname for the technology ecosystem in mount Fako, which happens to be to the highest mountain in Cameroon, Buea which is the center is home to a swamp of start-up tech companies, this is because of the presence of a growing community of developers, business professionals, designers and above all the universities like the University of Buea, saint Monica university, catholic university institute of Buea, just to name a few.

Chillen media Tech.
You can’t talk about Cameroon’s internment without mentioning Chillen Media, this company has been around for a long time and is considered one of the bedrocks Cameroon’s entertainment industry, from Chillen Muzic which was a music recording studio this company diversified to add video production, video coverage and now has TV channels such as CMTV, CMTV2, CMTV3and CMTV. Now you may ask me why will I consider it as a start-up tech company? Just like other chillen media is now a Media and technology company invading the media with the application of technology, Chillen media owns platforms like ConnectYu which is a social networking platform for Africa, Mardplay which is an audio streaming platform, CMTVPlus, Meettunes which are video streaming platforms, E-commerce platforms like EyeDehot , freelance platforms like BoloDey, educational platforms like Chillen Media academy, Connectyu academy, and a good number of content management systems, Currently under the leadership of the CEO NkwIan Chamba Ethiene, the company has proven to stand the test of time.

Njorku is an emerging job search engine for Africa, with thousands of unique visitors per month and growing steadily month-on-month. Njorku is localized in 9 African countries and counting. This platform was launched in 2011, Churchill Nanje Mambe is the CEO of njorku he has been under the spotlight since the lunch of Njorku in 2011. Njorku receives CVs from many job seekers around the world who want to work in Africa,Njorku at the time of this article is available in 10 African countries which are; Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Senegal and ivory coast. The company is gradually shaping the way we apply for jobs in Cameroon and Africa.

Monetbil is an IT company based in Douala, Littoral Region of Cameroon, this town suffices to be the Economic capital of Cameroon, this platform provides secure solution to optimize e-commerce payment processes for users. Monetbil provides a payment gateway where users can send and receive money on their online platform. It provides the same services as PayPal but consists of local payment gateways, before you say why not use PayPal? You must understand that the banking system in Africa is not fully integrated with online payment. This makes online transactions, complicated exhausting, and nearly impossible. In summary; not everybody in Cameroon has a credit card or trusts banks enough to have one in fact” we are comfortable with cash”. This is the reason why monetbil and others like ConnectYu , Zoompay just to name a few are coming up with solutions to this problem, though a survey from random developers either confirms that Monetbil has terrible customer service or is the platform for the rich.

Co-Founded by Cedric ATANGANA, Wecashup is a pan African payment platform that facilitates the process of online payment in cash, mobile money, and credit cards, this platform is available in 36 African countries and 54 all over the world
According to the authors “Secure your outlet, aggregate and manage all your Mobile Money operations with no internet connection with a single Washup app”.
This company came to light around December 2017, despite the difficulties at the beginning they were able to break through and make a name for themselves.

To conclude it must be made clear that the idea of a “company” in Cameroon is different from other parts of Africa, it’s apparent that when people hear of tech companies they think of the Googles with big pockets and personnel, this may not be the case in Africa or Cameroon, many companies have few employees and run on a very low budget but their works are outstanding.

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